Welcome to the Lagoon!

Welcome to the Sprue Lagoon!

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Just bumbled onto your site in my usual inept fashion, looking for 1/72 Heller Mirage IV references.

    What a treat. Great Job!!!!

    I will enjoy reading about how you have turned some old plastic into such gems. Your display shelf must be something to behold.

    Thanks for all your hard work on both the site and your models. I have several of the aircraft kits you have covered and am looking at them in a new light.

    Bravo Zulu.

    Best Wishes,

    Harry Crumpacker
    Lutz, FL USA

    1. Hello Harry!

      Thanks a lot for the compliments! I appreciate it sincerely, and I’m glad that you like the site and my kits!

      I’m a huge fan of trying to make decent display pieces out of older kits. I have a lot of newer kits, too, but I tend to prefer the older “dogs” and keep away from the new “super kits”. It’s both about subject matter and what I consider important.

      To me, having a replica that’s pretty good of a weird, unusual or often overlooked machine is more enjoyable than building another iteration of a mondern “wunderkit”. That’s why I love Heller and Matchbox kits for planes, and MPC kits for cars! I go out of my way to get the weird ones!

      I hope that you continue to enjoy the site, and that I can inspire you to drag some of those oldies off the stash and get them into build!

      Have a good one, man!


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