Loser Cruiser Soundoff!

Help me decide!! Sometimes, you CAN have too much of a good thing! In my case, it’s too much of a loser car thing, but that’s all good! I have a large stash of cars to chose from for my next build, and I am hoping to have it done for a model show early next year. However, I’m paralyzed by choice! I can’t decide which of these automotive failures should be liberated from its box and set loose on a world drowning in muscle cars and import tuners.

Thus, I turn to you, oh trusty readers, for help!

Take a look at your choices and cast your vote in the poll below! Just like any real election, the differences are cosmetic; every candidate is a loser under the skin. It’s just that some are harder to look at than others!

Monza OOB 001 At long last, one of MPC's Pacer kits is reborn! The folks at Round 2 decided to bring us the most awkward of them all, the 1978 Pacer Coupe! Where do I start? The MPC 1979 Chevette is America's best-selling compact car, sure, but as Bear Bait it is SO MUCH MORE! I think... Seriously, though; what the what is this all about?

One comment

  1. i prefer Monza ^.^

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