By a Nose!!!

Well, the first ever Sprue Lagoon poll, the Loser Cruiser Soundoff has ended, and what a race!

About the only time a stock Chevette, Monza and Pacer are ever going to get a chance to race at all is in a place like this, and I’m really happy to have had a hand in it!

I want to thank all of you who voted: your voices have been heard, and I will cede to your collective wisdom. There were 76 votes, which is a lot more than I expected on such a bizarre collection of cars. It seems like a lot of people got excited about this, and it has really fired me up to do a great job on the winner! (Well, actually I will do as good a job as possible on ALL of them someday!)

You can go to the poll on the above page, or you can read below to see how it all came out!

The Winner: 1979 Chevette  with 33 votes, or 43.4% of the vote.

Second Place:1977 Monza 2+2 with 30 votes, or 39.5% of the vote.

Third Place: 1978 Round 2 (MPC) Pacer Sport, with 13 votes, or 17.1% of the vote.

What did we learn? Well, we learned that history repeats itself; just as in real life, the Pacer was drowned out the the crowds that flocked to the Chevys. Still, Pacer enjoyed strong grassroots support, and I’m glad it wasn’t forgotten completely!

So, I ask everyone to hang their heads in reverence to the winner; the soon-to-be-deployed-to-the-modelling-table 1979 Chevette. It really seems to have driven people happy!


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