Dovenwolf vs. Dovenwolf! Beauty before Age!

Whenver a new kit comes out, it’s always interesting to compare it to an older version of the same subject. Nowhere is this more true than for Gundam kits. The improvements made in the engineering of Mobile Suit kits in the last 25+ years is astounding! Given that both the old and the new kits are all made by Bandai, comparing old and new really highlights just how far the science of model engineering has come.

As a perfect example, let’s compare the old, 1986-era Dovenwolf from ZZ Gundam’s time to the new HGUC Dovenwolf from 2013. They’re the same mech, but you’d really never know it looking at them closely!

Please remember that I build the old version back in 1997 or so, and my skills have also improved a lot (at least I humbly think they have) since then. Thus, don’t judge the two kits on how they’re built, but rather how they are designed and proportioned.

Ready? GO!

Walk 10 paces…

Dovenwolf Old Vs New 007

Back to back, you can see there’s a lot of difference in the two Dovenwolfs (Dovenwolves?). The old is on the right, the new is on the left. Key features to note are the proportioning of the legs and arms. The two mecha are the same height, but the new one’s legs and arms are much thinner through. There are other differences, too, such as the thickness of the towers and the size of the feet. One interesting note: The side skirts on the old kit are positionable, but the new one’s are fixed on the legs. Odd…

Oh, someone has a bigger gun and a bigger sword, too. Chicks dig it.

From the top, with feeling!

Dovenwolf Old Vs New 024

Seen from above, more differences are apparent. The new Dovenwolf is much smaller through the chest than the old one. also, the amount of “solid”, non-engine shoulder flare is quite different between the two. Once again, look at the guns; the new one is far thicker and longer (okay, enough snickering out there!). Notice the sizes of the head – the old head is massive in comparision to the new one. Oh, the old kit’s gun is missing a “petal” at the front; it fell off due to age. Interestingly enough, the petals on the new gun are just that; thin plastic flaps. On the old kit, they’re much thicker and have definite depth. They’re more like “lids” than flaps.

Nice Gams!

 Dovenwolf Old Vs New 016

There’s a tonne of stuff going on on the legs. The old legs have the engines between the “flappers” on the back of the feet, but on the new kit the engines are far higher up, under the back flap. Note that you can barely see the new engine! Also, the size of the feet is apparent as being a major difference. As expected, the HGUC has a lot more detail between the ‘black parts’ of the feet. Of note is the difference in thickness of the green sections, front-to-back. Also, notice how the black “slice” on the old kit makes a smooth transition from the lower end of the leg, while on the new kit it creates a “sawtooth”? No idea why, but that’s ow it goes. Very telling too is the size of the engine pack; it’s almost the same on both kits, even though the new Dovenwolf is a smaller, slighter mech. More power!

Heads Up!

Dovenwolf Old Vs New 027 

This shot makes it clear that the head on the new kti is far smaller than the old one. It’s interesting to see that the centre aerial on the new kit (the swept back one) is WAAAY thicker than on the old version. It can’t be seen here, but the metal breather tubes around the bottom of the face are also much nicer on the new HGUC.

There are a tonne of differences in the towers, too. On the old kit, the “power lines” just float in space, and the tower is largely hollow except for a bit of the cannon at the front. On the new kit, the tower is solid, and the pipes are moulded into it. My brother prefers the old one, but I like the new; why have such a massive tower if it’s hollow? Note that there’s an engine at the top of the old kit’s main thruster bulge on the tower, but not on the new one. The shape of the bulges is different too. Note that the towers on the old kit cannot flip forward, nor can the rocket bays open. The INCOMs are also moulded in the closed position on the old kit.

Booty Call!

Dovenwolf Old Vs New 021

The backsides of the two mecha are just as different as their other angles! You can see how thick from side-to-side the old kit’s leg is and how crude the engine nozzle is that’s moulded into it. The new nozzle is much nicer and larger. Notice how short the flap is, how narrow the “track” of the foot is, and again, the completely different positioning of the thruster bell under the back flap.

The rear skirts are similar, but the new one is a bit shorter and fatter. The patterns are different too; the old patterns “horns” have vertical sides, whereas the new one’s have them at an angle. The length of the side skirts is much less on the new kit, and you can see some of the black upper leg below the skirt, something you can’t do on the old one. The round detals near the tops of the skirts are different as well, being much larger on the new model.


The Winner!

So, first off, you can see that the new kit is a lot different. It’s a lot more lithe, a lot less bulky and while standing the same height, it is generally a smaller mech. Despite this, it has larger and more impressive weapons, as well as a busload more articulation and moveable gimicks. You can’t see in the pictures, but the new kit also has detachable forearms that can either be attached with wire, or fly off on their own, revealing articulated sub-arms. That’s not something the old kit will do.

So, who’s the winner? Well, you can decide for yourself, but I’d say the new one wins hands down!


While still vibrant, the green I made up for the Dovenwolf is at least a bit more subdued than the anime. Despite this, the red, green and black combo is pretty loud.

This is your champion folks! The new HGUC Dovenwolf obliterates the competition, no questions asked. Why build old when you can build beautiful?



  1. Have you ever seen the new trailer of Gundam unicorn Episode 7 ?

    1. Not until now!

      Man, I loved Unicorn already, but that looks pretty darn awesome! One thing, though… I’ve been watching some older mech shows, and am in the middle of Dragonar as I write this, and I actually prefer the older well-drawn mech shows to even Unicorn’s visual slickness.

      Unicorn is brilliant, technicall, but it just seems to lack a bit of something. For lack of a better term, I find everything is TOO clean, and the animation lacks a bit of soul. Still, I’m really looking forward to the end of it.

      What are they going to do to celebrate the 35th of Gundam, TV series wise? Has anything been announced or shown?

  2. If you liked Gundam you’ll love this news .
    Sunrise announces Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin for celebrateing 35 years of gundam series
    May be they plan to launche first episode in Spring 2015

    1. Nice!!

      I really liked the old Gundam show, but then again, it’s old, so I automatically gravitate to it. This looks like it will take the super-polished Unicorn approach to Gundam’s early history.

      I like it!

      I want that Guntank, too!

      1. Yep, i like that guntank because its look closer military machine such as Hildolfr from MS Igloo one of my favorite Gundam series .

      2. I hear you on that one. I love the Hildofr too, although I’ve never bought the kit of it, for some reason. I’m still waiting for an HGUC Xamel!

        I liked Igloo as well, but I would have preferred Cel-stye to CGI for it. That’s my personal preference. It was cool to see MSs from a grunt’s eye view, though!

      3. I agree with you. First MS igloo has worst CG pic.
        what a pity its zeon’s scene that i like.
        MS IGLOO 2 The Gravity Front has better CG
        But Feddie ‘s story hasn’t funny .

        By the way. I used to see resin kit of Xamel from E2046 [ copied from Hongkong ]

        Too expensive…and i don’t have skill in resin work.
        Sure ! We should wait Xamel ib plastic kits.

      4. I’d like to see them reanimate Igloo with Unicorn-style animation. Then you’d have something!

        Yikes! I can’t justify something like that expensive for the Xamel! Still, if they made an HGUC of it, it would be about the box size of a moderate MG kit, so it would be more affordable. Maybe one day!

      5. I forgot to tell you about real celebrating Gundam series
        Gundam Reconguista in G [on Fall 2014]
        I hope them work better then gundam Age

      6. Whoa, weird. It looks kind of like Turn A, for some reason.

        Very interesting! I liked AGE, though. It was a bit rushed, maybe, but overall, it was really not a bad show.

      7. I never watch Gundam Age.
        Because i dont like their mechanical and character design
        How s their story ? Anygood ?

      8. It is a bit simple looking, I’ll admit. However, after a bit, the designs of the characters kind of grew on me. It’s the same with the Mechanics; they aren’t all great designs, but some, like AGE Gundams and the Legilis I like quite a bit. I have a lot of the kits, actually, but haven’t built beyond MG AGE 1.

        I enjoyed the story. Some people think it was rushed, and I can see that, but it works. I like that it has multiple generations of people in it, so you can see how people grow up, change and so forth. Also, people say it’s kiddie garbage. Really? The main character’s mom burns to death beneath rubble in the first 4 minutes. Sorry for the spoiler, but I think that makes my point!

        If you get a chance, watch some online and see what you think!

      9. Oh ,Great review.
        Their story look interesting more than i think
        Thank you for your advice.

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