X Marks the Spot!

Our oldest contender is the Citation X-11. It will be built not as the 1980 seen here, but as an '82+ model.

This is the winningest loser. That’s good, I guess, for a Citation!

The masses have spoken, and just like the automotive press of the 1980’s, they have chosen to go with Citation for the win! The Revell Citation X11  beat out its competition, but it wasn’t a total walk-away. Here’s how it broke down:

1982+ Citation X11: 41 Votes

2004 GTO: 29 Votes

1988 Beretta GTU: 25 Votes.

So, just like any multi-party election, the winner does not have majority support (only 43%), but it is still ahead of its competition. This proves that awkwardness and a terrible real-life track record are just as attractive to modellers the world over as they are to me!

Frankly, I was surprised that the others did as well as they did. There’s a lot of love out there for the GTO; Monaro fans want to see Poncho’s little-hyped and more rarely-seen sport sedan built up. The GTU surprised me, too: who would think a Beretta would be that popular.

So, once my current projects are done, the Citation will hit the bench! Stay tuned for updates as they become available, and thanks to all who voted!

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