Whole Lada Lovin’!

Who says size matters? Well, when you’re talking about die cast replicas made in the USSR, good things come in small packages! One of the weirdest (and cutely-ugliest) die cast cars I’ve seen to date is the Made in USSR 1/43 Vaz 2101 Taxi. This car is more widely known as the Lada 12oo, a Russian copy of a Fiat 124. Check out this weird little spud on the Cool Stuff page!


  1. The side sign says police not taxi in Russian. It looks like the orginal police light might have been broken off, but you can see where it was attached on the roof. Very cool!

    1. Oh my… I stand corrected. That’s pretty embarrassing. I had looked it up, and found a copy in a box that listed it as a taxi.

      Doing more looking, now I see that it’s a traffic police (GAI) car! That explains the blue light, and the rather official-looking crest on the door.

      Thanks for the info! I really do appreciate it!

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