The Original G-Wagon!

Dictators always have to have the coolest accessories. Two things they need for sure are a.) a GIANT hat and b.) a really cool car. Hitler’s hat wasn’t that big, but his car sure was cool! The 6×6 Mercedes-Benz G4/W31 was a monster of a parade car, and suited the Nazi aesthetic personally. Check out Marui’s classic 1/35 G4 on the Out of Box page!


  1. hey adam, excellent writeup on that Nazi monster car. very very informative and entertaining! loved it.

    on the “tilt” (sic) thing, if you look to the upper left of the symbol you will see those same characters in a less stylized form, the first four characters of the string of Japanese characters there. you can see this really well in the photo you posted of the upper right corner of the box. so absolutely no “tilt” company.

    love your posts on model cars too star, keep it up!


    1. Hey man!

      Thanks for the compliments!

      You’re right indeed on the “tilt” thing! I mean, how can you get “tilt” out of that? The first and second “T”s aren’t even the same at all! I taught myself Katakana characters from my Gundam model boxes (and knowing how the Japanese structure their words). I agree the first “t” doesn’t look much like “Ma” either, but it’s a heck of a lot closer than “T”.

      I can’t believe how long “Tilt” has been credited with this kit, and others! I even had to go and correct it on!

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