In Defiance of Good Sense

The crucible of war is the most severe test of any military technology or tactic. History is full of new ideas and inventions that have changed the face of battle, and it is just as full of those that got chewed up and spit out. To fail in battle is fatal, but it does make for interesting subjects to be studied once the last shot has been fired. One perfect example of this is the ill-fated “turret fighter”, an idea ebraced almost exclusively by the British in WWII. The most famous is the Boulton Paul Defiant, and now the New Airfix has decided to issue a new-tool kit of this most odd of fighters. Check out the new 1/72 Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant kit on the Out of Box page, and don’t tell me you don’t think it looks cool!

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  1. Pierre Lagacé · · Reply

    Want to learn more about the Defiant?

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