Frog Prince from Kenosha

We all know that the 1970’s were a weird time for the auto industry. Choking emissions standards and big bumpers were the main design points of the day, and style and performance suffered accordingly. However, AMC could be counted on to take things that wee bit further and came up with some of the oddest cars yet seen in production. One of these was the frog-eyed Pacer, an oddly large and heavy compact car. Building on this model, the folks in Kenosha gave us the Pacer wagon in 1977! Thankfully, the folks at Round 2 have decided to do the same, and have resurrected the lovable long-backed loser for the modern modeller! Check out the 1/25 Pacer Wagon from Round 2 on the Out of Box page and be ready… it’s all you’d expect and more!

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