Expanded Horizon!

When it comes to cars from the late ’70s and early ’80s, one name that a lot of people will know is the Dodge Omni. The Omni’s seemingly less-well known brother is the Plymouth Horizon, and together they were the cars that kept Chrysler in business long enough to produce the K-Car. However, there was another variant of the Horizon, and that was the “sexy and swoopy” TC3. This oddly-named pseudo-sports coupe ditched the grocery-getter bland-hatch body of its forebear and introduced  new more aerodynamic and exciting-looking sheet metal. If you want to relive the “excitement” of America’s first Front-Wheel Drive sport coupe, check out the AMT 1/25 Horizon TC3 on the Out of Box page. Remember, at one point, this WAS worth getting excited about!


  1. Murad ÖZER · · Reply

    The intro on the boxart and your commentary surely gave me some chuckles! 1.7lt and a whopping 75hp, if they’d seen the specs of today’s cars they’d probably eat their tongues off…

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! It’s a great entertainment to me to be able to rip on that dark period of automotive history.

      Indeed, I don’t think the people back then could have ever imagined the cars we have now. Heck, we were supposed to be out of oil years ago. Today, my 8-year-old G8 GT has more horses and torque, better times and handling than the meanest 427 Vette from the “Golden Age” of the muscle car! That’s a far cry from the sad little Horizon, eh?

      My only worry is that with the increasing laziness of people, and their willingness to see the car as a utensil, we might swing back to these horrible times. Self-driving, formless, soulless people-pods do NOT fill me with excitement for the future.

  2. Randall CArlisle · · Reply

    nice! I learned a little more about that line of cars. A friend had a 5 spd later omni and he flogged the crap out of that car….

    Wish I had some of these old kits to build but seeing yours is cheaper and just as exciting. Maybe better than the reality of the kits.

    Thanks Randy

    1. Hey Randy!

      Yeah, I’m not surprised he had to beat on it. There’s not a lot of power in these things.

      If you can live vicariously through my losers, then by all means, feel free! 🙂 Glad to be of service!

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