One of Aviation’s Original Swingers!

Before you start getting too excited, I’m talking, of course, about swing wings! What were you thinking of? Now that we’re on the same page, you might be thinking of the Bell X-5. Well, you’re close! In fact the aircraft that inspired the Bell was the Messerschmitt P.1101, a research plane that was designed to test various wing sweep angles. It couldn’t adjust them in flight, but it was designed to be reconfigurable on the ground. It did get built, but never flew. It was certainly never a fighter, or even a contender for one, but that didn’t stop Dragon from making a What-If Luft ’46 kit of it back in the early ’90s! Check out the Dragon 1/72 P.1101 Day Fighter in the What If section of the Planes page! Everybody needs to swing a bit sometime!

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