Mustang? Probe-ably not!

While it never replaced the Mustang, the Ford Probe GT, first issued in 1989, was a popular sporty car that did well for Ford and gave people something fun and a bit futuristic to toot around in. With a turbocharged engine and smooth lines, the Probe GT was well-suited to takeon its rivals like Daytonas and Berettas. Check out the AMT 1/25 Probe GT on the Cars page!


  1. atcDave · · Reply

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the first design of the Probe, but its redesign (’93?) struck me as beautiful.
    So I bought a ’95 Probe in Chameleon Blue (a tri-color that read mostly as purple). I loved it. My father-in-law called it a pimp car…
    Fun car too, handled very nicely. But it was never a serious sports car. More of a budget option, it certainly couldn’t compare to a Mustang. The base engine was 118 horse, normally aspirated. I think the GT had 135? It was quick but not really fast. Kind of the opposite of my Challenger!

    1. I will agree, the second gen Probes are much, much better. They get rid of the odd “80’s awkwardness” that the first Probes had. The 1st Gens, like this one, just haven’t quite figured out what they want to be, I think.

      That’s cool that you had one. I know what you mean about being quick, but not fast. It’s like my Dad’s Mazda Protege 5 hatch vs. my G8. It’s a good little go-kart, but no one is going to get whiplash from it.

      Challenger? NICE!

      1. atcDave · ·

        I’m still hoping to see a kit of it! The earlier versions are available, but they did some tweaks to the 2015, just enough that it needs a new kit.

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