Big Bird Settin’ the Pace!

Despite the 301T’s propensity to be mocked by the automotive press, the turbo-powered Trans Ams of 1980-1981 were good performers in their day. They were so good, that they were chosen to be pace cars in both years! That’s something few, if any, cars can claim. Also, the Turbo T/As didn’t need many mods, just a rear axle change and disconnection of the A/C, and they were good to go. Can Mustangs of the era claim that? No. To celebrate the awesomeness that is this accomplishment, let’s look at the Monogram 1/20 Turbo T/A Pace Car  on the Out of the Box page, and see how a big scale T/A looks!

It may not be as big as Round 2’s new rerelease of the MPC 1/16 1979 T/A, but at least it does have a turbo to make up for it!

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