Build Here, Get Gas!

No matter how good the fighter, bomber or recon plane, it’s utterly useless without gas. That’s just one of the sad truths about aerial warfare. However, I don’t think enough of us stop to think how it gets that gas. We build kits of the planes we like, and since they don’t fly, we don’t even bother to consider how they’d gas up in real life. Thankfully, Hasegawa has made it possible for us to close the loop! If you do care about where the gas comes from, or  you’re looking for a neat truck to add to your IJN/IJA diorama, then the Hasegawa 1/72 Isuzu TX-40 is going to be something you’ll be glad to have! Check it out on the Out of Box page!


  1. Pierre Lagacé · · Reply

    There should be more 1/48 scale vehicules on the market. Luckily Airfix is making some.

    1. Bonjour mon ami!

      I agree completely. I don’t build much in the way of 1/48, but I would love to try a 1/48 staff car, or a 1/48 tow tractor, stuff like that to just add a bit of context to the planes.

      I’m still amazed, as you are, how little there is in the market for this. I mean, it seems a natural for Tamiya and those guys to make some!

      1. Pierre Lagacé · ·

        I will use the Ready for the Battle vehicules and ground crew for a diaorama of my next project…

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