Episode IV: An Old Hopeless

Some movies come and go, and some create a lasting impression so strong that it can create an entire franchise, sustainable over years or longer. For 40 years, fans the world over have been awed, entertained and downright enthralled by the veritable Empire of movies, books and TV Shows (and a horrible Christmas Special) that make up the Star Wars universe. Model kits, too, were, and are still, one of the many ways that fans can actually interact with their favourite stories.

However, not all Star Wars-like products are legitimate, and some companies found it easier to turn to the Dark Side when it came to producing their own bandwagon-jumping goods. One such company was Crown, in Japan. For an example of just what I’m talking about, check out the non-scale Crown X Fighter on the Out of Box Page! It is NOT the droid you are searching for…


  1. That is truly fascinating. But don’t you worry about The Intellectual Properties Police kicking down your door and ransacking your house just for owning such a thing? I’m pretty sure the principals of Crown are all rotting at Gitmo…

    1. No, I didn’t make it, Lucas and the gang can’t blame me for it! Besides, there are plenty of other people out there with far more direct ripoffs than this poor thing! Now, I agree, they do deserve to rot in Gitmo for making this thing, but for other reasons than pure copyright infringement!

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