Haulin’ in Style

When Chevy began tidying up the design of their C/K series trucks in 1962, they also began to offer more more amenaties and options, as well as more appearance upgrades. By the time the 1964 models came around, you could get all kinds of varieties of side trim, two-toning and cab options. Like all ’60s cars, this makes deciphering what is what on a model rather challenging. However, Revell didn’t make it any easier with lacklustre instructions and a few moulding mistakes! Regardless, I have persevered and now the Revell 1/25 1964 Fleetside is finished! Go check out this Custom-cabbed, but othwerwise somewhat base truck on Cars page!


  1. Randall CArlisle · · Reply

    Looks great! My ex brother in law had a real one. His was typically modified with wheels and wide tires, but same color. I built it and gave it to him way back on the first issue of this kit. I think the lower versions had white grille and bumpers, so that might be a possibility? But your chroming looks great with the varied levels of metals. That’s what makes the difference in a good build and a great build.

    Keep building!

    1. Hey Randy!

      Thanks for the compliments!
      Yeah, I think the “work truck” types had the white painted bumpers and stuff. Those actually look pretty coo in themselves. I do like a slightly dressier truck, though, and with it having the custom cab, I figured chrome bumpers was likely right!

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