The Cutest Carrier Going!

Aircraft carriers are serious pieces of military hardware; they always have been. They came into their own during the furious struggle in the Pacific in WWII, and one of the most hallowed names among them is “Lexington”. The first Lexington, CV-2, fought until she finally went down in the Battle of the Coral Sea. It may seem odd, then, to apply the word “cute” to such a ferocious and dangerous vessel. However, it’s also the most appropriate word to describe Meng’s newest addition to the litany of Lexington models. Why?

The reason is because this newest kit is from the new Warship Builder series, which presents warships in a cute, Super Deformed kind of way. Not sure what to think? Well, check out the Meng Warship Builder Lexington on the Out of Box Page and see for yourself. Warfare on the open seas was never so cherubic!

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