Swift maybe, but still not all there!

When the engineers at Supermarine (producer of the legendary Spiftire) tried to rescue their oh-so portly and pedestrian Attacker from utter mediocrity, they did so by adapting what was all the aeronautical rage at the time; swept wings and tricycle landing gear. While this may not sound like much of a stretch, it was, and the resulting aircraft, the Swift, caused more problems and headaches than the brand new designs against which it was competing! Eventually, it matured into a fairly decent low-level recon bird and was even deployed “on the continent” in Germany. Because of it’s incredibly forgettable stint in the “front lines”, the Swift is not well represented in kit form. Thankfully, Airfix has corrected this with their 1/72 Swift FR.5. Check out this nice offering from the “new” Airfix on the Out of Box page!


  1. Good to see the Swift in any scale, but I’m still waiting for a decent 1:48th injection molded one. Thanks for the inbox, best – Hubert

    1. I’m surprised, what with the Defiant coming out in 1/48, that the Swift hasn’t followed. Now, if only they’d do a 1/72 Scimitar… my RN collection would be almost complete!

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