Everything Old is New Again… and Again!

While Bandai has continued to evolve the Gundam franchise, it has also made sure to double back and re-create models of most of the key Gundams from pretty much every earlier anime and even some manga. However, not all Gundams have seen this treatment, and those from Silhouette Formula 91 are perfect examples of this. Until recently, the chances of finding one of these in a shop was nearly nil. It seems, though, that the retro mecha modelling bug has hit Japan, and now a lot of these older, “unloved” kits are back! Thirteen  years ago, though, when I got mine, that wasn’t the case. These things were NOWHWERE. Thankfully, I had some connections, and I was able to get a hold of the last kit from this series; the only one I’d never had: The 1/100 RXF-91 Kai. This up-armoured and up-gunned version of the series’ titular MS is still a good looking suit even today. I even managed to upgrade it with my new techniques for beam accessories years after I built it! Check it out on the Sci-Fi page! This one’s for Vincent: thanks man!

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