This Judy’s well put together, for an old gal!

Sometimes, despite my love of the obscure and oddball, I find myself drawn to a more mainstream subject. Even I appreciate greatness. One such plane is the Yokosuka D4y “Judy”, which was one of the IJN’s more advanced aircraft of WWII. Featuring an in-line, liquid-cooled engine, enclosed bomb bay and  retractable landing gear, the Judy was a powerful and versatile weapon that served in the dive bomber, recon and even night fighter roles before acting as one of the many Kamikaze aircraft in the desperate final struggle against the Allies.  Even though the plane is mainstream, my kit of it isn’t! It’s the obscure and oddly-scaled 1/75 D4Y2 from LS Models. Check it out on the Out of Box page, and be ready to be surprised at how good 50+ year old can look.

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