A Naugahyde Purse from a Sow’s Ear

The German obsession with multirole heavy fighters (Kampfzerstoerer, or Zerstorer – “destroyer” for short) is a predilection that cost them a lot of time, money energy and material resources that would have likely been spent better on advanced single-engined fighters. Nevertheless, the Messerschmitt Bf-110 was a passable, if not pedestrian machine. It’s supposed successor, the Me-210, was an appalling failure, despite the high hopes for it.

From that ruinous design emerged, eventually, the fairly good Me-410. It was a good Zerstoerer, but that doesn’t mean it was a great airplane, since the concept was a bit flawed. However, that hasn’t stopped it from being kitted a large number of times since the dawn of post-war plastic modelling! Check out the 1/72 Fine Molds Me-410 A-1/B-1 on the Out of Box page to see what this rendition has in store!

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