Have Gun, Will Travel!

In the days before tank destroyers and helicopters, the main anti-tank weapon was the anti-tank gun, a piece of field artillery specifically designed to kill tanks. Of course, just as had always been the case, the cannons weren’t really mobile, requiring a prime mover to get them into position and move them around the battlefield. As warfare became increasingly mobile, the need for effective guns and a system to move them became ever-more important.

One of the most well-known of such systems is the German Pak 40, an excellent anti-tank gun that was often moved about and resupplied by the Sd.Kfz 11 halftrack. Because of this renown, Matchbox made such a combination one of their first “Orange Range” of kits in 1978. For good measure, they even threw in a BMW R75 motorcycle/sidecar combo, and topped it all off with a large diorama base! Now, this kit has been re-released by Revell Germany, and am I ever glad to see it! Check out the Revell (Matchbox) 1/76 Pak 40 + Sd.Kfz 11 on the Out of Box page, to see what you get!

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