Packard’s Other Ride

In the world of Gundam, some of the most memorable pilots are the Zeon aces. Colourful people with custom-painted and modified machines to match, they tend to have a fanbase all their own. One of the most tragic of these is Norris Packard, from 8th MS Team. His final, hard-fought battle is one of the best parts of the OVA, and the meaninglessness of his death only serves to make his sacrifice more poignant.

In the OVA, Packard uses a light blue Gouf B3. However, I think a more fitting machine is the MS-08 Efreet: an excellent, if not little-known, Zeon machine. Thankfully, Bandai, with its excellent Re/100 line, gave me the opportunity to realize my sentiment. Check out my 1/100 Efreet Blazer Custom (Norris Packard Use) on the Sci-Fi Page to see what I mean!

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