Paralyzed by (Odd) Choice(s)!

For me, finding unusual car kits that appeal to me is an ongoing quest, and one that meters out results in “ones and twos”. While I may find a treasure trove of Luft ’46 kits at one vendor’s table and a model show, or a tonne of Matchbox kits at a flea market, finding large quantites of oddball cars at one time is not something I can usually count on.

Well, as it turns out, there must be a gradual cooling of the underworld, because this weekend past at my local club’s model show, I stumbled across a veritable treasure trove of oddballs and losers. The problem now is that I’m spoiled for choice, and I can’t figure out which I should review first!

Check out my London Haul on the Scores and Collections page, and don’t forget to vote for your choice of the first to be given the Sprue Lagoon treatment!

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