The winner is a real BRAT!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll regarding what they wanted to see out of my London Model Show haul over the past week and a bit. I was completely overwhelmed by all the amazing, everyday losers and weird stuff I had managed to acquire, and I needed cooler heads to help me decide on the next thing to review.

Somewhat surprisingly, I’ll admit, the AMT Subaru BRAT was the winner! I’m very glad of that; it and the Corvette America were probably my two favourites. Surprisingly, the K-Wagon and Messerschmitt KR200 were seconds, and tied, no less!

So, without further ado, please check out the AMT 1/25 1978 Subaru BRAT on the Out of Box page!



  1. Dear.Adam I just found a plastic kit of YMS-16M XAMEL You said you’d wait
    …. but not made by Bandi. Look Awesome!

    1. Good grief! Now that’s awesome!

      1/100??? That thing would be ENORMOUS. That’s pretty cool, although I’ve never heard of those guys. Any idea what the quality is like. I notice the barrel seems a bit ‘saggy’, but the parts look good. I wonder if the plastic’s a bit wibbledy.

      Sadly, unless someone sent me one for review, I doubt it’s something I’ll ever get the chance to buy (I don’t usually shop online), but I’m happy knowing it’s out there!

      Thanks, man!

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