So Close, and Yet so Far (Out)…

The ’70s were a dark time for automobile lovers, what with gas crises and the neutering of all motoring fun. However, there was one segment of the automotive hobby that refused to give in to the doom and gloom – Vanners! Vanners and Vannin’ kept the good times rolling, literally, throughout the Automotive Dark Ages. To this end, there were also tonnes of models of different custom and street vans.

One interesting offshoot of this was that Ford and Dodge got into the Vannin’ scene directly. Ford offered it’s Cruising Van starting around 1975, and in 1977 AMT decided to do a kit of one of these “factory stock custom vans”. With wild stripes and Vannin’ tude, I’m sure the kit was a hit. It’s also impossible to find now. Thankfully, Round 2 gave the kit-hoarders and scalpers of the second hand market a swift boot to the backside by reissuing the 1/25 1977 Ford Cruising Van in full Retro Deluxe trim, with a far expanded decal sheet! Check it out on the Out of Box page!


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