Some Sunshine – Just in Time for Christmas!

First off, a Merry Christmas to any readers who celebrate it! I would like to extend my wishes for a safe and happy Christmas Season and a Happy New Year to all of you!

Since December is a generally grey and cruddy month weather-wise, at least where I live, I thought the Holidays could use a little bit of brightening up. A little big of sunshine can go a long way on a bleak winter’s day, and while I don’t have a way to control the weather (sadly), I can circumvent Mother Nature! The best way I can do that right now is to offer you some instant sunshine: Zylmex’s 1/43 Datsun Sunshine, to be exact!

If you like mini-trucks, IMSA Customs or just weird die cast, this is definitely going to turn your engine over! Grab some egg nog and check it out on the Cool Stuff page!


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