To the Future, and Beyond!!

Inspiration is a funny thing. It can come from anywhere, and usually no two people will get inspired the same way from the same thing! However, a lot of modelling isn’t based on inspiration. Instead, a lot of modelling is about recreating, in miniature, the details of a real thing or event. that doesn’t mean, though, that all modelling has to be done that way! Sci-Fi modelling gives you a chance to bust loose and use your inspirations and imagination together to create truly unique results.

A perfect example of this is what I chose to do with the Wave Solvalou kit from the video game Xevious. I have always been inspired by the TTA series of books, and thus I used a Japanese kit of a video game fightercraft to create a capital ship from the TTA universe! Check out the 1/1500 CAM-1228-P2 “Super Gunship”  on the Sci-Fi page and see what I mean!


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