Slot Mags and Shotguns. Pick Up Your Toys!

All good things must come to and end, and so it was with the once-illustrious “Chevy Nova” nameplate. Bowing out in 1979, the final Nova was a de-tuned, lacklustre ghost of it’s former self. Now, MPC had always had a way to taking outdated models and making them into something fresh and new, or at least weird, and the swansong Nova was nowhere near sacred enough to avoid this “molestation of the moulds”.

The result is one of the weirder hot rod concepts of it’s, or any, day: Squad Rod. It’s a ’79 Nova that’s been street rodded, but also made into a police car. WTF? Yeah, I know, it’s weird. Still, Round 2 was able to resurrect this oddball and give us all a chance to add one of these sad Novas to our stashes. Check out the 1/25 1979 Nova (Squad Rod), it’s on the Out of Box page.

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