Big Milestone… Big Van!

If I may be self-indulgent for a moment, I must admit I didn’t think I’d see the day that my little website, solely maintained and updated by myself, would ever see the magic number of a quarter million hits. To be honest, I’m very humbled and, of course, very, very pleased.

As it became apparent that I would indeed hit this milestone, I decided that I wanted to do something a bit special for it. I wanted to present something that was as over-the top and crazy as the occasion merited. I didn’t want to get all sappy and melodramatic, I just wanted to show a model that would blow your mind.

Thankfully, I have just such a kit in my stash. It is the van to end all vans, and at 1/16, the old Revell “Movin’ Out” model is one of the biggest, loudest, “party-est” pieces I own. It’s perfect for a milestone like this!

So, without further ado, let me offer all of you my thanks, and my hope that you’ll continue to come to the site and enjoy what I do here. Now, on that note, please check out Revell’s 1/16 Movin’ Out Custom Big Rig Van, a Mangnum Opus of Vans, on the Out of Box page!


  1. Randall CArlisle · · Reply

    Hey Adam,

    Great review! Big van and seemed like a big review. Would love to see this one built up. I built a few of the 1/24/25 Vans back when I was a kid. I remember the fun of the interior detail.

    Congrats on 250000 as well!


    1. Thanks, man!

      Yeah, it was a pretty epic review. It took a while to get that one written up! 🙂

      Interiors are my favourite part of vans, by far. That’s why I was disappointed in the “Dirty Donny Vantasy”. I have finished it, but haven’t written it up yet. No interior in there. Weak.

  2. Someone · · Reply

    Congrats on making it this far, because I only just stumnbled across your website today! I found your website through the Guncannon III you made out of Gundam F90 and was hoping that you were still updating, so I’m glad to see that you’re still going strong.

    1. Thanks, a lot!

      It’s always nice when new people find the site, and I hope there’s a lot more here that will strike your fancy!

      That Guncannon III is an old one, too! I’ll be going for a while yet (barring the unforeseen); I’ve got lots of neat stuff to get up here!

      Hope to see you around!

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