From Hay Wagon to SAM Launcher – Just add Natter!

If the whole concept of a semi-expendable wooden (or even cardboard, as was proposed!) Vertical Take-Off rocket interceptor doesn’t sound wacky enough, imagine trying to launch it! When the Luftwaffe high command decided to back he Bachem Ba-349 Natter point defence interceptor, they realized it would only be useful if it could be moved around. easily and launched quickly.

The answer, of course (?) was to build what amounted to a crude hay wagon and use it to both transport and launch the plane! From space age to Middle Ages, all in one fell swoop! even though they never were used in anger, the Natter did get built and deployed, and Brengun has given us a resin version of the oh-so-desperate contrivance proposed as the world’s cheapest TEL (Transporter, Erector, Launcher). Check out the 1/72 Brengun Natter Trailer, and see why it’s a lucky thing for the pilots that this never got used. It’s on the Planes Page, since it’s an aviation-related What-If.

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