First, and Still the Fattest!

Some planes are known for their sleek lines futuristic design. Others are known for their performance or load carrying capabilities. Some are known for a combination of these. However, there’s a plane that had pretty much none of that going for it. As the Navy’s first monoplane fighter, the Brewster F2A Buffalo was just that – a first step. It was short, fat and didn’t have to worry about compressability. It carried light armament and with full combat equipment proved to be rather ponderous.

The plane’s rather bad combat career in the Pacific tends to be what people remember about it. However, it was extremely successful for the Finns, who dominated the Russians with their Brewsters! While there have been a tonne of kits of the less-than-mighty Buffalo, it’s not going to shock regular readers to know that I am all about the Matchbox 1/72 Brewster Buffalo. Check out the winner from my HertiageCon 13 Haul poll on the Out of Box page; because (as Marvel would say) YOU demanded it!


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