Civic: Each “C” is for “Coal Oil”

Bracketed by tasteless black rubber bumpers and featuring all the style of a shoebox, the redesigned 1985 Honda Civic was a major player when it debuted. It began the long reign of the Civic in North America, and confirmed that the Automotive Dark Ages were indeed at their depths. The Tamiya 1/24 Honda Civic is a repop of the original kit from the 80’s, and can be build as a Japanese or North American version. Check it out on the Cars page, and be glad we’ve moved on.


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  1. Randall CArlisle · · Reply

    Nice read. But I happen to like a meat loaf sandwich… The best part of this era of Civic history would have been the CRX. As for the kit, I just built a Fujimi Enthusiast Ferrari Daytona. The difference in the kits is just like the differences in the real cars. I would say”Rock on”, but your penchant for loser cars, I guess I should just say “muddle through best you can”. Thanks for the chuckles.

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