Lumpy and Violent: Perfect!

There’s nothing like taking a perfectly good aerodynamic shape and throwning extra lumps on it. This is a common enough practice, as some of the most finely-crafted and refined aeronautical shapes have, over the years, grown to have large “hunchback” spines. Thuds, F-16s and Skyhawks all did it, and so did the MiG-21! I, personally, love to see a big spine on a plane – it adds bulk and purpose in the way drop tanks and sensor packs can’t. No wonder, then, than I was so excited by the Mig-29 SMT, the “big spine” version of the venerable Fulcrum!

It took a bit, but finally someone made a kit of this “lumpified” beauty, and it’s quite a complete package! Check out the 1/72 Zvezda Mig-29 SMT on the Out of Box page to see what I mean!


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