Chicken Tax-Evading Off-Road Machine!

When it comes to the automotive world, it takes quality or innovative products to help a company survive. (Notice that the two don’t always go together!) By the time the late 1970s had come along, the burgeoning small truck market was being dominated by imports, both captive and direct. Subaru, always a niche maker in North America wanted a slice of this market, but didn’t have a product with which to do it!

Thus was born the BRAT, a light truck based on the Leone wagon. The BRAT cemented itself in the market as a ‘quirky’ product that was both unusual, with it’s tax-evading but not-so-safe rear-facing seats and high quality. The BRAT was a big enough thing to get a kit made of it; one that’s just been reissued by Round 2, no less!

I’ve been working on my original for some time, but now it’s done. Check out the AMT 1/25 1978 BRAT on the Cars page. Hold onto those handle grips – it’s a wild ride!

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