Neptune’s Shrimp Fork, maybe…

Secrecy and Derring-Do are two of the hallmarks of special missions forces and the operations they undertake. Such missions are considered successful if the mission is accomplished and no one’s the wiser. However, sometimes things don’t quite go to plan, and details about the mission slip out. Sometimes, they go so off-plan, that not only is the mission revealed, but some of the cool secret tech of the special forces is exposed to the public in an unintended way.

So it was with “Operation Neptune’s Spear”, the mission to capture Osama Bin Laden in May, 2011. Due to unforeseen difficulties, one of the stealthy Blackhawk-based assault choppers came to grief on a wall of Bin Laden’s compound, leaving behind it’s tailplane and tail rotor in the street outside. Even with this, though, very little has been said about the Stealth Blackhawk in an official capacity. That didn’t stop Dragon, however, from giving us a charmingly simple and incredibly small 1/144 incartation of what the chopper COULD have looked like. Check out the Dragon 1/144 Stealth Helicopter on the Out of Box page, to see what all the fuss might have been about!


  1. I built the Dragon Stealth Blackhawk thingy a while ago. It is a simple kit but it seems to me to have the wrong “shape” – it is too “compact” when I believe the real thing looked more “stretched out”

    I have no proof of what the real one should look like – just a feeling.

    1. I can see what you mean, although I like the “Commanche-esque” nose bump. That’s a cute and possibly real, touch. What I don’t get is why they’d use an exposed tail rotor at all. I guess it’s quieter than a Fenestron, but still, you’d think it would be very radar reflective!

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