White Tires… Black Truth

The sad truth is that humans are adaptable. Why is this sad? Well, it means that we can come to terms with, and even embrace, situations and/or environments that may be significantly sub-optimal. And, let’s face it, not much screams “sub-optimal” louder and with less taste than the Automotive Dark Ages. A perfect case in point was the ability of the North American car-buying public to get excited by, and support financially in droves, cars that were really either tasteless or poorly executed. A perfect example of this is the Ford Granada, a compact semi-luxury three-box boredom machine that sold like hotcakes.

To help us remember these dark times, Lindberg even made a low-budget kit of the ’76 Granada so that we could get immersed in both full-, and small-, scale mediocrity. For proof, check out my Mini Lindy 1/32 1976 Granada on the Out of Box page.

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