Monza Mania!

They say you can’t get enough of a good thing. However, if good things are in short supply, then you have to turn  your attention to what’s available. Thankfully, it seems that Chevy’s sporty-looking Monza 2+2 was available when it was needed! For reasons beyond current human understanding, everybody and his brother made a kit (or lots more) of this thing, and of course, I can’t just buy ONE loser. Like some kind of derange Malaise-Era Pokemon, I just gotta catch ’em all!

Now, though, I have an embarrassment of riches (such as they are)! With six (!) Monzas in my stash, I’m paralyzed by choice (and fear, to be honest) as to which one I should dive into first. Check out my Monza Mayhem, on the Scores and Collections page, and tell me where YOU think I should start!


  1. A multitude of Monzas! But no Sunfire (Sunbird? Pontiac’s equivilant) I was in my teens When these were new, you know that age where you start REALLY looking at cars, and I was partial to the Pontiac!

    1. If I could have gotten my hands on a Sunbird, I’d have loved to! I know there’s one based on the “Super Spyder”, but I’ve not seen it in the flesh.

      I’m always more for Ponchos that Chevies too!

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