Obscurity through Pedestrianism

Not every plane can be famous. Even those that serve during a major conflict  can, if they’re not sufficiently numerous or glamorous, get forgotten about and end up in the dark, rarely seen corners of history. A perfect example of this is the Fairey Seafox. This little catapult-launched biplane was used for naval gunnery observation and recon right through to 1943, but most people have never heard of it. Why? Most likely because it was unremarkable in almost every way.

However, just because it’s not well-known, famous or sought after never meant much to the good folks at Matchbox. Because of their penchant for making kits of otherwise unkitted subjects, we are able to enjoy a passably pedestrian model of this plane that helped in finding the Graf Spee among other feats. If you want to check out what might be Matchbox’s most obscure subject, then look no further than the Matchbox 1/72 Fairey Seafox (Out of Box) review on the Out of Box page!

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