A Literal Shark-nado!

Some classic aircraft get kitted again and again, with every maker churning out versions ad nauseum. Then, there are those planes that are really lucky to be able to get a kit at all. These are the forgotten, obscure or worse yet, useless. There is a third type: an obscure type that has one kit that keeps getting re-popped and passed around like a brown-bagged bottle of Thunderbird at a hobo fire.

A perfect example of this is the 1/72 FROG Blackburn Shark! There must be a lot of love for this thing, because not only did it win the poll for what to review next, but since being first issued in 1968 it has been re-released under a number of names and flags since! If you thought that, until recently, obscure subjects weren’t really a thing, this will prove how wrong you are! Check out this pre-Swordfish stringbag on the Out of Box page!


  1. Hi Adam,
    Matt is how matt is spelled in the UK, instead of the rather French looking “matte”.

    Best wishes,

    1. Really?

      Well, that makes a lot more sense. Is that still the case? Seems rather odd, but then again regional differences are indeed, it seems, the basis of languages the world over!

      Thanks for the info!

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