As Real As It Can Get

As a modeller, and a Transformers fan, there are lots of times I wish I could build models of my favourite “Robots in disguise”. However, when it comes to models of G1 Transformers, there are only two choices. One is a very obscure set of simple kits from Japan, and the other is the very recent issue of Gundam-like Transformers kits. However, neither of those is very accessible, at least to me.

On top of that, I have always wanted to see what some of the later, less famous Transformers (like Hardhead, or even Sixshot) would look like in model form. In many cases, that means either a lot of custom work or finding something that’s close in form and doing the rest. However, there are a few exceptions, and one is Spinister. He was a late G1 Decepticon Targetmaster who transformed into a gaudily painted Apache. Well, Apache kits are easy to find, so when I came across one cheap, I decided to realize my dream! Check out my 1/72 Spinister, on the Sci-Fi page, and see why the “in disguise” was somewhat only loosely applied…

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