Mix-and-Match Monzas!

Having a lot of something can be a good thing, but it can also be confusing.  Trying to keep things straight in your head can be difficult, and as most modellers know, keeping tabs on your “stash” of kits requires a focused effort.

However, when you have multiple kits that are the same, or almost the same, it can add that extra layer of complexity. How much of the similar kits is the same? Are they really all the same, and you’ve just bought a bunch of different boxings without knowing it? Can you make a specific configuration out of the kit(s) at hand?

A perfect candidate for this kind of question-filled modelling soliloquy is the MPC Monza. So, to celebrate the Sprue Lagoon reaching 300,000 hits, I though it would be fun and useful to dissect the MPC Monzas I have in my stash. What you see might surprise you! Check out the MPC Monza Parts Comparison on the Out of Box Page for the lowdown on this styrene staple of economical hot-roddery!

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