A Drift in a Sea of Mech Kits

Transformers are a brand that has a long history. starting from relatively humble beginnings in 1984, the Transformers Universe has continued to grow and expand to the present day. Today the band encompasses all kinds of products, including, of course the transforming robot toys themselves, as well as comics, books, movies and statues. One of the more recent and interesting trends has been towards Third Party replicas that are high-end adult collectibles, but not licensed by Hasbro directly.

One area that hadn’t been affected by Transformers, by and large, was the world of modelling. However, thanks to Flame Toys and Hasbro linking up, this is no longer the case. Now there are Gundam-sized kits of some of Flame Toys very detailed, and very expensive figures. Probably the most dramatic of these is the Autobot samurai/swordsman Drift, an original fan creation, now given the model kit treatment.

So, how does this newcomer to the heavily-contested world of mech modelling stand up to the competition? Check out my Flame Toys Furai Drift review on the Out of Box page, to find out!

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