Spring: When a Modeller’s Fancy Turns to LUV!

What do you do when your competition is beating you and you have nothing to use against them? Easy: Use captives! No, I’m not talking about taking hostages, but rather “captive imports”. This is precisely what the Big Three had to do in the early ’70s to fight back against the waves of light pickups coming from Europe and Japan. One of the earliest captives to reach the market was the Chevy LUV, a rebadged Isuzu, and it stuck around for about a decade.

Of course, it was the ’70s, and no one was going to NOT customize a mini-truck! Getting in on the craze was Monogram, who issued several custom versions of Chevy’s little import in various custom guises!  Amazingly, Revell has taken the bold step of rereleasing this little beast with a brand new decal sheet, making it even MORE ’70s than it originally was! Check out the new repop of the 1/24 Chevy LUV Street Pickup on the Out of Box page, and let’s hope it’s not the last weirdo Monogram Revell decides to bring back!


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  1. Randy Carlisle · · Reply

    Thanks for the review., Wasn’t this also available as a step side way back in the 70s? I *think* I built that version at least once. I think Monogram had one step side bed part that they used on every mini truck? I’m glad you do these cars, even if it’s not my bag right now.

    The shell could be modified in several ways – could have side windows added if you wanted to fill the bed with stuff., And oh, a note about shells on little trucks. I had a 92 Dakota with a 4 cyl, 5 spd. 92? hp. When I put a shell on it, you could feel even more power slipping away. IT was quite disheartening to drive that truck. I could see how bad a stock Luv would be with that.

    Some niceness with the new issue, but a lot of mediocrity as well. Good luck building.

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