The Luftwaffe’s Parasolled Workhorse

When it comes to capturing the headlines, it’s usually the fighter planes that get all the glory. Often forgotten are the workaday utility types, going about their often hazardous duties behind the scenes. A perfect example of this is the World War II observation plane. While scouting and spotting are vital to the ground forces’ success, most people don’t think of the planes that performed this role on all fronts. If they do, they usually think of the more famous types, like the Lysander or Storch.

However, there were many other planes doing this kind of work, and one of the lesser known types was the Henschel Hs-126. With somewhat ungainly looks and no speed to spare, the -126 seems unlikely to place on many “top ten” lists. Still, it was an important plane, and thankfully it was given kit form over 45 years ago! Check out the classic Matchbox 1/72 Hs-126  on the Out of Box page!

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