What has two wings and an engine?

If you’re thinking: “Hey, he’s never done a biplane before, that’s cool! Something new!”, well, you’re wrong. I do have biplanes, and I’ll get to them eventually, but this is not the day. However, I am talking about a very unusual and hard to find kit, and that is a Tamiya kit that has a full engine! Even though most of their stuff is, in fact, curbsiders, Tamiya did go “all the way” for a couple of kits.

In this case, the lucky car is the 1985 Ford Sierra XR4i, the sporty two-door version of Ford of Europe’s successful saloon. With aero styling and a conspicuous double wing on the rear hatch, the XR4i Sierra shares some close stylistic relations with the SVO Mustang of the same period. Check out this rather elusive bit of Eurotech-by-way-of-Japan on the Out of Box page!



  1. Randall C Carlisle · · Reply

    I was intrigued by this car at the time. Of course, that was late high school and right after, so I was on a Vega budget. Till I got an Audi Fox. OMG what a steaming pile that was.

    At this point in life, you have quite a score there. I’d love to have that one as well. Good score. Congrats!

    1. I saw the XR4Ti when I was out with my dad and uncle shopping for a new family car in 1985. We bought a Grand Marquis that lasted 21 years, but there was a Merkur in the showroom. My 9-year-old self thought that it was the coolest thing ever. I’ve loved them ever since!

      Damn… an Audi Fox. Now THERE’S something they need to make a kit of! C’mon Revell Germany! 🙂

      Thanks, man. I think it’s going to build up nicely, but man, Japanese kits just don’t get interiors; it’s so undetailed compared to the older “inferior” American kits that it’s scary!

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