What Has Four Doors and Fails?

Well, the answer to that question is actually more difficult to pin down than it may seem, since the world has seen a veritable plethora of terrible cars. However, there are some cars that, when you see them, you do have to wonder: “What? Who thought of THAT?” One of those cars, I’m sure it’s safe to say, was the Corvette America, a four-door Vette produced in the late ’70s.

Yep. A four-door Vette. Let that sink in. Not just a Vette 2+2, but a full-on four-door. If you’re aghast, agog and a bit appalled, then you’re in the majority. Of course, I have weird tastes, and I’ll admit I LOVE the 1980 iteration of this slow-selling, stringbean sportster. Thankfully, Monogram did too!

Check out the Monogram 1/24 Corvette America on the Out of Box page, for one of the weirder cars you’re ever going to find in sprue.


  1. Randall CArlisle · · Reply

    I”m speechless. I’ve seen this kit talked about before, but never known anyone that actually had one. It looks truly awful. Good luck with it and be sure to let us watch you build it if you ever get a strong enough constitution to actually undertake the build. That’s one I’d look at and go “No…. not yet” on… LOL. What year is it? Can you make a Pace Car replica? LOL

    Thanks for the review. Fun stuff.


    1. I know, same with me. I’m pretty lucky to have one, eh? In all seriousness, though, I do feel lucky to have it. I really do like the car, although it’s a bit weird, I do think it works, by and large.

      If my brother hadn’t given me a kit that’s even more awesome and loserish for my birthday yesterday I’d likely be building this next. It’s an ’80, technically. The kit is 1979, I believe. You could make a Pace Car, but why? Or do you mean a 4-door pace car? 🙂

      I was hoping people would like this, and bit interested to have a look at one, without having to own one. For some reason, not too many people seemed to be interested in the Sierra.

      Always glad to bring out the unusual!

      Have a good one, man!

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