Bandai’s New-Old Cluster

No, I don’t mean a Cluster as in the derogatory term indicating something that is largely messed up! Rather I mean one of Bandai’s relatively-recent “from-the-vault” retro-reissues! It seems like Round 2 isn’t the only company that is resurrecting old kits, because in 2018 Bandai went full-on and hauled out a bunch of classics from the early ’90s!

One series that again saw the light of day was the Silhouette Formula 91 range of kits. These 1/100 models were big deals back in the day, with lots of colour moulding, accessories and gimicks that made them the cutting edge of modelling technology. Of coruse, they’re a lot less spectacular today, but they did help pave the way for modern Gundams in so many ways.

One of my favourites has always been the F-90Y Cluster Gundam, so I was excited to get a chance to grab another one. Check it out on the Out of Box page!

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