The Devil’s Lawn Dart

If you remember lawn darts, then you remember dangerous, heavy pointy sticks with a few fins that  you would throw at a target for fun. They were dangerous if used improperly, and really didn’t do much else other than fly in a straight line. This, then, is a perfect analogy for the Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon family!

This group of pointy-nosed, small-winged interceptors helped guard Soviet skies through the end of the Cold War, and while they’re not well-known by most of the population at large, they were an important part of the USSR’s defense system. Before Trumpeter got in the act, though, it wasn’t something you could easily find a mainstream kit of. Thankfully, the Turkish company Pioneer2 had you covered!

Check out Pioneer2’s 1/72 Su-15UM, (or Su-21G as they call it). this is their take on the final Flagon made, the 2-seat “Flagon G”, an improved and even semi-combat capable trainer variant. It’s on the Out of Box page, of course!

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