This One Labels Itself

Segment-crossing vehicles are all the rage these days. You’ve got Sport-Urban-City-Ute-Crossovers that are everything BUT cars acting like they want to be cars, and cars that get jacked up suspension and cladding trying to pretend they’re all rugged like trucks. It’s really a bit confusing, but it’s nothing new. One vehicle was doing this kind of automotive crossdressing ages ago, and that was the Chevy El Camino.

The El Camino has always been a popular vehicle for both car collectors and modellers, and thus has also been a favourite for customizers in both realms. As a hybrid of the Street Van and Muscle Truck segments, the late-’70s El Camino definitely got it’s share of attention. Interestingly enough, it’s getting attention again, as Revell has just reissued their ’78 ElCo as a 3-in-1 kit.

Check out an earlier issue of this same kit, in wild, turbocharged Macho glory: the Monogram 1/24 El Camino Camper! It’s on the Out of Box page. Be ready… it’s about to get macho up in here…


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